Monday, October 11, 2010

10/11 playlist

“Lick the Cat” f. Diamond --> Yelawolf
“Bill the Top” --> Audio Two
“No City” --> Aesop Rock
“2 Pistols” f. Madlib --> Strong Arm Steady

“Ferris Bueller” f. El Prez & Aleon Craft --> The Canz
“Los Angeles Daze” --> People Under the Stairs
“Deer Mama” f. Yelawolf --> SMKA
“Nu Shooz: I Can’t Wait” --> DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie

“Renaissance” --> Rugz D. Bewler
“Don't Stop!” --> Child Rebel Soldier
“Ol' Dirty's Back” (Lp Version) --> Ol' Dirty Bastard

“Cold As Ice” f. Twista --> GLC
“Ordinary Day” f. Big Rube --> Dreamer (Holly Weerd) f. B.o.B.
“Michael Knight” --> Curren$y
“Traffic” f. Aleon Craft --> The Canz

“Relaxation” f. Omen & Fashawn --> J. Cole
“Down Goes Frazier” --> GhostWridah
“Paradise Remix” (Feat. Fat Joe & Bun B)-->    Mickey Factz
“As We Proceed” --> Embassy Music Board

“Memories” --> Big Sean
“Knuckleheadz” --> Pac Div
“Chicago” f. GLC --> Really Doe
“Conflict Diamonds” --> Lupe Fiasco

“Have U.N.E. Pull” --> Black Sheep
“Fuck Your Ringtone Dog” --> Asher Roth
“Victory Is In My Clutches” --> Jay Electronica
“Buckeyes” --> MF Doom
“Dolla & A Dream” --> J. Cole

“Victim” f. Holly Brook --> Apathy
“H.O.C” --> Kendrick Lamar 
“Dirt Road” --> Yelawolf

Monday, September 13, 2010

9/13 playlist

Montell Jordan: This Is How We Do It -->  DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie
Champion (Nick Catchdubs Remix) --> Kanye West
Meant To Be --> Big Sean
Breakfast (In & Out) --> Curren$y

Can I Live --> J. Cole
Abaracadabra -->  Jay Electronica
Juicy - New York, New York  --> The Notorious B.I.G. & Frank Sinatra
Ghetto-Ology --> Goodie Mob

Mo' Murda --> Bone Thugs -N- Harmony
Dangerous Posse --> Three Six Mafia
O Verona   --> Craig Armstrong
Nigger Hatred -->  Nas
Tears For The Sheep -->  Atmosphere

Thuggish Ruggish Bone  --> Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
17.5 Cannons -->  Curren$y
Meth Vs. Chef (Feat. Raekwon) --> Method Man
We Can Get Down -->  A Tribe Called Quest

The Time We Faced Doom (Skit) -->  MF Doom
Breeezin' --> Tsutchie
Wiggy --> SPM ft Baby Bash
Mega --> Anti Pop Consortium

Arkham --> Myk Dyaleks, Lyriq 2 Go & Deal The Villain
Follow Me --> Jaylib (J Dilla and Madlib)
Figaro --> MF Doom
Breakout --> Mickey Factz
4 Hours & 20 Minutes (Ride To H-Town) f. Killa Kyleon --> Curren$y

Love Line (feat. Blu) --> Exile
Earthcrusher --> Mr. Lif
What Was Your Name -->  Aloe Blacc

Dark Green Rod (With Ulf Stricker) --> Ancient Astronauts
CuDi Zone -->  KiD CuDi
Car Service w/Wiz Khalifa -->  Curren$y

Monday, September 6, 2010

9/6 Playlist

Shutterbug --> Big Boi
One - Big Kuntry & Mac Boney --> B.o.B
Tell Me Who Profits --> Souls Of Mischief
Head Bust feat. Pharrell --> Shark City Click

Dont Take Those (Skit) --> Lil Wyte
God in the Building   --> Killer Mike
Man's World -->  Guilty Simpson
I'm a Lady (Diplo Diplo's Panda Bear Mix) -->  Santogold & Diplo
Posse on Broadway  --> Santogold & Diplo

Speak Her Sex   --> Yelawolf feat. Nikkiya
Dead Disnee -->  El-P
150% -->  Frank Ramz
Bun B for President  --> J. Cole

School Spirit Skit 1 -->  Kanye West
Spaceships -->  Kanye West
Yoga Flame -->  Lupe Fiasco
17.5 Cannons --> Don Cannon
The Ambitious Girl --> Wale

Cheesesteak --> Donwill & Von Pea
 Floatin' In the Sky f. KiD CuDi -->  N.O.R.E.
She Needs Me (rmx) f. Dom Kennedy -->  Kendrick Lamar
Strawberry Girl -->  The Cool Kids
Love Line (feat. Blu) -->  Exile

Nigger Hatred --> Nas
Chickenhead -->  Project Pat
Alright f. Kanye West -->  Twista
Higher -->  Game f. Jay Electronica and Swizz Beatz

J.E.T.S. -->  Trademark & Curren$y
Problems -->  J. Cole
Breakadawn (Tanya Morgan) -->  Mick Boogie & Terry Urban
LA Girls (Robocop) -->  Rashid Hadee
Paper Planes (Remix) (ft. Bun B & Rich Boy) -->  M.I.A.
Take Notice  -->  J. Dilla/Guilty Simpson

Monday, August 30, 2010

8/ 30 playlist

Chillin (Skratch Bastid mix) --> Wale f/Lady Gaga
Pink & Blue --> Andre 3000
Love Line (feat. Blu) --> Exile
Higher --> Game f. Jay Electronica and Swizz Beatz

Flow Glow --> Kooley High
Cold Blooded --> Lupe Fiasco
Oon9na --> Tech N9NE
Erase Me f. Kanye West    --> KiD CuDi

DANCE(Dj EV)   --> Justice
On To The Next One(Dj EV) --> Jay-Z
Fo Yo Sorrows --> Big Boi
Intro Spective --> Euphrates

Nigger Hatred --> Nas
Exodus 5.1   --> Rhymefest
Posse on Broadway    -->Santogold & Diplo
Go To Sleep --> Lupe Fiasco
Stylo --> Gorillaz

One Love (Nas) (Arrow Root) --> MF Doom
Arrow Root --> MF Doom
Shook Ones Pt. 2 --> MF Doom
Pounds Up (M.O.P.) (Red # 40) --> MF Doom
Stakes Is High (De La Soul) (Sumac Berries)  --> MF Doom

Sorcerers --> K.M.D. (DOOM)
Muddy Swim Trunks --> Asher Roth
 Shawt Bus Shawty --> BYOB Ent.
Catch Me If You Can --> Shawn Chrystopher

Shake Junt --> Big K.R.I.T.
187 On a Beat --> Curren$y
17.5 Cannons --> Curren$y
My Smokin Song --> Lil Wyte

Ol Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo --> DJ Jazzy Jeff
How High (Remix)  --> Method Man And Redman
Tical --> Method Man
Raise It Up --> Slum Village
I'm On --> Sam Adams

Sunday, August 29, 2010

8/23 Playlist

Sorry for the late post

One Day Intro --> Narcicyst
Coming Back --> J Dilla
The Whole World --> Outkast
Sesame Street --> Goodie Mob

The Ambitious Girl -->Wale
The Manipulation Pt. 2 -->Wale
Arkham --> Myk Dyaleks, Lyriq 2 Go & Deal The Villain
Matty G - Layin in Bed, Elizabeth Alexander - Overture:Watermelon City, Lloop - Autumn Rain --> DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek

She Said... -->  Hollywood FLOSS
Korede Beats(2) --> Korede
I Love College     --> Asher Roth
Nas Timeline    --> Mixed By Statik Selektah
High Rise --> Big Sean

The People   --> Common
Back Again --> Reflection Eternal
Time to Dream --> King Robot
Great Outdoors --> The Cool Kids
Fear  -->Drake

Camera Day -->  Flying Lotus
Swimming (prod. Flying Lotus) --> Killer Mike
One - Big Kuntry & Mac Boney (prod by Fury)  -->B.o.B
One Love (Nas) (Arrow Root)   -->MF Doom

Make It Fast (Feat. Bun B & Termanology) --> J Dilla
Eye Know --> De La Soul
Emblica Officinalis -->  MF Doom
Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress -->  Boogie Monsters
Tell Me Who Profits --> Souls Of Mischief

I'm Went In -->  Bun B
Head Bust feat. Pharrell --> Shark City Click
Esco Let's Go (Produced By DJ Khalil) --> Nas

Monday, August 2, 2010

8/02 Playlist

Life goes on --> Jay Dee
Stress -->  Guilty Simpson
Eleanor Rigby --> The Beatles
Lonely People --> B.o.B

Stars(Dilla Cover) --> The Roots
B.M.F. (Building Minds Faster) --> Lupe Fiasco
J.E.T.S. --> Trademark & Curren$y
Curls --> Madvillian
Problems --> J. Cole

Dont Take Those (Skit)
Can I Be --> KiD CuDi
Safety Dance --> J Dilla
March of Death (Feat. Zack de la Rocha) --> DJ Shadow
Dope $#!T -->  Frank Ramz
Jesus Walks --> Kanye West
 Floatin' In the Sky f. KiD CuDi --> N.O.R.E.

Tacobel Canon ['Heaven at Nite'] --> Ratatat
Exhibit C --> Jay Electronica
Premeditated Murder -->  J. Cole
The Glory --> Kanye West
Grown Simba --> J. Cole
'93 'Til Infinity --> Souls Of Mischief
And He Gets The Girl --> Lupe Fiasco

Bahamas --> Mikey Rocks
The Richers ft. Blu & Asher Roth --> TiRon
The Last Stretch -->  J. Cole
Don Cornelius --> Black Milk

Chasing Cars --> RUKUS
Exhibit A (Transformations) (Produced by Just Blaze) --> Jay Electronica
Breakadawn (Tanya Morgan) --> Mick Boogie & Terry Urban
Earthcrusher --> Mr. Lif
The Tournament --> Mos Def

General Patton  -->  Big Boi
Just To Perfect --> Blu
Lookin For Ya f. Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown --> Big Boi

Monday, July 26, 2010

7/26 Playlist (Part 2)

1. Chicago '66 ---> Qwel and Maker
2. Credit ---> Curren$y
3. Parole (Evil Genius Mix) ---> Immortal Technique
4. Opposition ---> Frank Ramz

5. Repercussions ---> Lauryn Hill
6. Best of Times ---> Sage Francis
7. We Kill Soap Scum ---> Anti Pop Consortium
8. Bobby McFerrin: Sunshine Of My Life ---> DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie

9. School Spirit Skit 1 ---> Kanye West
10. School Spirit ---> Kanye West
11. School Spirit Skit 2 ---> Kanye West

12. SmokerFace ---> Wiz Khalifa
13. Labor ---> Aesop Rock
14. Tears For The Sheep ---> Atmosphere
15. Can't Tell Me Nothing (cover) ---> Francis & The Lights

16. Back In The Days (Skit) ---> MF Doom
17. Knuckleheadz ---> Pac Div
18. Eastside (Skit) ---> B.O.B -mixtape
19. Get Away ---> J. Cole
20. Spaceship (feat. GLC & Consequence) ---> Kanye West

21. A Life In The Day Of Benjamin Andre ---> Andre 3000
22. Exhibit A (Transformations) - Final ---> Jay Electronica
23. Queens Get The Money ---> Nas
24. Ms. Jackson ---> Outkast
25. Oodles Of O's ( covered by Camp Lo) ---> Mick Boogie & Terry Urban

26. The Choice is Yours (Revisited) ---> Black Sheep
27. Pop the Trunk ---> Yelawolf
28. J.E.T.S. ---> Trademark & Curren$y
29. Floatin' In the Sky f. KiD CuDi --->  N.O.R.E.
30. RE:Definition ft. Mos Def --->     Reflection Eternal
31. Heartless (Heartless Cover) feat The Primeridian --->   Rashid Hadee

32. Wonderful Place --->  Mickey Factz
33. Kick In The Door ---> Notorious Big
34. The Boondocks ft. Uncle Ruckus ---> Tough Junkie
35. Exhibit C ---> Jay Electronica
36. For Your Sorrows ---> Big Boi Ft George Clinton & Too Short

37. Scrambled Eggs --->   Danny!
38. Dreams ft. Brandon Hines --->   J. Cole
39. Hurt Me Soul ---> Lupe Fiasco

7/26 Playlist (Part 1)

1. Notorious B.I.G. - Warning --->   DJ Jazzy Jeff
2. (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go --->  Curtis Mayfield
3. The Lesson Mix* --->  Questlove  *first 2 minutes = Jesus Walks original
4. Jesus Walks --->   Kanye West
5. Track 25 ---> Jay Dee

6. Dear Fall ---> Lupe Fiasco
7. B.M.F. (Building Minds Faster) ---> Lupe Fiasco
8. Broke Phi Broke Skit I ---> Kanye West
9. Disseshowedo ---> Souls Of Mischief
10. Just Begun f. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def ---> Reflection Eternal

11. Put You on Game ---> Lupe Fiasco
12. Love Czars II (Featuring Jay Electronica & Ta'Raach) ---> The Sa-Ra Creative Partners
13. Broke Phi Broke Skit II ---> Kanye West
14. All Outta Ale ---> MF Doom
15. I Can't Wait ---> Sleepy Brown Feat. Outkast

16. Thuggish Ruggish Bone ---> Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
17. Broke Phi Broke Skit III ---> Kanye West
18. Praise You ---> Fatboy Slim
19. Don't Sweat The Technique ---> Eric B. and Rakim
20. Broke Phi Broke Skit IV ---> Kanye West

21. Amazing (Cover) ---> Rashid Hadee
22. Addiction --->   Kanye West
23. Git Up Get Out (feat Goodie Mob) ---> Outkast
24. Dont Take Those (Skit) ---> Lil Wyte (Cheech & Chong)

25. Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers --->   Method Man & Redman
26. I Love NWA (skit) ---> Method Man And Redman (How High)
27. All I Want Is You f. J. Cole ---> Miguel
28. Freaky Girl ft. Freaky Will --->  Mickey Factz
29. Open Sea Theme [mickey factz "freaky girl"] ---> Sven Libaek
30. Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op [mickey factz "freaky girl"] ---> Mark Mothersbaugh

Monday, July 19, 2010

7/19 Playlist

"Summertime Intro"---> DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie

"Intro"(from Idlewild)---> Outkast

"The Mighty O"---> Outkast

"General Patton"---> Big Boi

"Ahmad: Back In The Day"---> DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie

"Dear Fall"---> Lupe Fiasco

"Baby (Death Mix) Beiber"---> El-P

"Hold It Down"--->  J. Cole

"Bahamas"---> Mikey Rocks

"The Assembly"---> SMKA

"Earthcrusher"--->    Mr. Lif

"Car Service" w/Wiz Khalifa--->   Curren$y

"Louder"--->    iLLBurnsGreen & Copywrite

"The Sunshine"--->  Mikey Rocks

"Premeditated Murder"---> J. Cole

"Bobby McFerrin: Sunshine Of My Life"--->  DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie

"Knuckleheadz"---> Pac Div

"Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)"--->  Jay Electronica

"International Players Anthem"--->  UGK

"Love Czars II" (Feat Jay Electronica & Ta'Raach)--->   The Sa-Ra Creative Partners

"San francisco knights"---> People Under The Stairs

"Flight School"--->   GLC feat. Kanye West & T-Pain

"Hell Freezes Over "--->  Eminem

"Shine Blockas" f. Gucci Mane---> Big Boi

"Los Angeles Daze"--->   People Under The Stairs

"Green Onions"--->  Dick Hyman

"Stay Off the Fuckin' Flowers" f. Raekwon--->     Blakroc

"Passin by Me"--->   Pharcyde

"Jam"--->  A Tribe Called Quest

"Oxycontin pt.2"--->  El-P ft Cage

"99 Problems"--->  Cookie Monster

Monday, July 12, 2010

7/12 Playlist

"Paper Planes" (Remix) (ft. Bun B & Rich Boy)   -->M.I.A.
"You Ain't No DJ" f. Yelawolf   -->Big Boi
"Gold Watch"       -->Lupe Fiasco

"J.E.T.S."     -->Trademark & Curren$y
"Ms. Right" ft. Ayomari      -->TiRon
"White Willow Bark"      -->MF Doom
"Rollin" (Remix) (Feat. Jackie Chain)       -->Kid Cudi
"Shutterbug"      -->Big Boi

"Grown Simba"    -->J. Cole
"Mr. Good Bar"   -->The Black Sunn & 810
"De La Soul: Breakdawn"    -->DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie
"Breakadawn (Tanya Morgan)"  -->Mick Boogie & Terry Urban
"Bobby McFerrin: Sunshine Of My Life"    -->DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie

"League Of Extraordinary Nobodies"         -->El-P
"LA Girls (Robocop)"         -->Rashid Hadee
"Oxycontin" pt.2 f. Cage     -->El-P ft Cage
"Gumbo"      -->MF Doom
"Come Around" (rmx) ft. Mic Terror  -->M.I.A.
"Follow Us" f. Vonnegutt    -->Big Boi

"Untitled(LovedU)2"     -->Blu
"I'm Just Dope"     -->Curren$y
 "Floatin' In the Sky" f. KiD CuDi     -->N.O.R.E.
"General Patton"   -->Big Boi

"The Richers" ft. Blu & Asher Roth     -->TiRon
"Cut You Off"     -->Kendrick Lamar
"The Last Stretch"       -->J. Cole

"I Hate My Job"      -->Cam'ron
"Take Notice"       -->J. Dilla/Guilty Simpson
"DUMmy Mission"    -->SIk

Monday, July 5, 2010

7/5 Playlist

"Arise" --> Mr. Lif

"Gumbo" --> MF Doom

"Crumblin' Erb" -->  Outkast

"Grown Simba" -->  J. Cole

"What Was Your Name" -->  Aloe Blacc

"The Richers ft. Blu & Asher Roth" --> TiRon

"Track 22" -->  Jay Dee

"Cut You Off" --> Kendrick Lamar

"League Of Extraordinary Nobodies" --> El-P

"You Ain't No DJ f. Yelawolf" -->  Big Boi

"Speak Her Sex" --> Yelawolf feat. Nikkiya

"Pop the Trunk" --> Yelawolf

"Lemonade (Instrumental)" --> Gucci Mane

"Con-fid-ence (served by Kanye West)" --> Asher Roth

"She Needs Me (rmx) f. Dom Kennedy" -->  Kendrick Lamar

"Oxycontin pt.2" --> El-P ft Cage

"Taxi f. Mos Def & Whosane" -->   Ski Beatz

"General Patton" --> Big Boi

"How Dare You" --> Black Milk

"Deer Mama f. Yelawolf" --> SMKA

"Sweet Dreams (Instrumental)" -->  BeyoncĂ©

"Box Chevy Pt. 3" -->  Yelawolf feat. Rittz

"What a Way to Go Out" -->    Souls Of Mischief

"Follow Us f. Vonnegutt" --> Big Boi

"King Leon (Instrumental)" --> Drake

"I'm Just Dope" --> Curren$y

"Swimming (prod. Flying Lotus)" -->    Killer Mike

"The Last Stretch" -->   J. Cole

 "Floatin' In the Sky f. KiD CuDi"  --> N.O.R.E.

Monday, June 21, 2010

6/21 Playlist

"Thank Ya" -->    MF Doom

"Make Sure" -->  Lupe Fiasco

"SiK oF HeartBreaKerS" --> Sik

"A Touch of Jazz" --> DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

"Suzy pulled a pistol on Henry" --> Company Flow

"Shine Blockas f. Gucci Mane" --> Big Boi

"Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)" --> Jay Electronica

"I Got 5 On It [DJ Fabian]" -->   Kanye Vs. Luniz

"The Day" f. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash --> The Roots

"DUMmy Mission" --> SIk

"The Richers" ft. Blu & Asher Roth --> TiRon

"General Patton" --> Big Boi

"Shutterbug" -->  Big Boi

"Daddy N*gga (Father's Day)" -->  Nickelus F

"Man's World" --> Guilty SImpson

"Yesterday" -->  Atmosphere

"'TilWeDie." -->  Blu

"Follow Us" f. Vonnegutt --> Big Boi

"Grown Simba"  -->  J. Cole

"The Last Stretch" -->  J. Cole

"Strawberry Girl" --> The Cool Kids

"Gangsta Luv" (Mayer Hawthorne G-Mix)  -->  Snoop Dogg

"Mr. Solo Dolo"  --> KiD CuDi

"Chewed Up" --> Felt

"Take Notice" (feat. Guilty Simpson) --> J. Dilla

"Quick Strike" (Extended Version) --> Frank Ramz

"Exhibit A" (Transformations) (Produced by Just Blaze) --> Jay Electronica

"Exhibit C" --> Jay Electronica

"Truth Serum" --> Frank Ramz

"God in the Building" --> Killer Mike

"Swimming" (prod. Flying Lotus) --> Killer Mike


"Flying Kites" --> The Cool Kids

Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24 Playlist

Happy ['Pillow Talk'] ---> Surface

Pillow Talk ---> KiD CuDi

And He Gets The Girl ---> Lupe Fiasco

Dirty Beauty f. Erykah Badu ---> Sa-Ra

Love Czars II (Featuring Jay Electronica & Ta'Raach)---> The Sa-Ra Creative Partners

Elevators (Me & You) ---> Outkast

Diary Ft. Marsha Ambrosius ---> Wale

Exhibit A (Transformations) ---> Jay Electronica

Radio Head --- >    The Physics

Poo Putt Platter ---> MF Doom

Exhibit C ---> Jay Electronica

Game Time --->  Lupe Fiasco

I'm G.O.O.D. f. GLC --->  Shawn Chrystopher

Da Mystery of Chessboxing ---> Wu Tang Clan

Oh My ---> Redman

If I Owned A Midget --->   Benefit

Gordo's Revenge ---> Benefit

Annakin's Prayer ---> Jay Electronica

Save My Soul (The CuDi Confession) ---> KiD CuDi

sanctuary ship --->  Nujabes

All Caps ---> Madvillain

Rhinestone Cowboy ---> Madvillain

Fly Love Song ---> People Under The Stairs

Los Angeles Daze ---> People Under The Stairs

Magnetic Power --->  Really Doe feat. Jennifer Hudson

Bad Touch Example ---> Company Flow

Life Is Short ---> Consequence

C.R.E.A.M. ---> Wu Tang Clan

Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot) --->  Gang Starr

BossCo.2 --->  Blu

Da Art of Storytellin' pt.5 --->  Bobby Creekwater

Dangerous MCs ----> Notorious B.I.G. ft. Busta Rhymes

5/17 Playlist

If I Ruled The World -- Nas ft. Lauryn Hill

Little Weapon -- Bishop G/Lupe Fiasco/Nikki Jean

And He Gets The Girl -- Lupe Fiasco

Good Morning -- De La Soul

Gladiator - - Common

Dirty Harry - - Gorillaz

A Bathing Harry - - Lupe Fiasco

Coming to America Trilogy - - Nottz

Diary Ft. Marsha Ambrosius - - Wale

Cut You Off - - Kendrick Lamar

Oooh (Fly Union) -- De La Soul (Cover)

McNasty Filth (Instrumental) - - Jaylib

Get Out - - Busta Rhymes (Prod. Nottz)

Fat Raps f. Curren$y & Big Sean - - Chip Tha Ripper

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See - - Busta Rhymes

Back With The Claps - - Jay Dee

Dangerous - - Busta Rhymes

Gimme Some More - - Busta Rhymes

Turn It Up, Fire It Up - - Busta Rhymes

The King Swirling - - Jay Dee

Rhymes Like Dimes - - MF Doom

Two Words (feat. Mos Def, Freeway) - - Kanye West

Take Notice (J Dilla Cover) - - Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra

Take Notice (feat. Guilty Simpson) - - J. Dilla

Prowler 2 (f. Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz & Mos
Def) - - Ski Beatz

Halfanimal, Halfman - - CunninLynguists

Kizz Bizz ft. Madison - - IZZA KIZZA

Make Sure - - Lupe Fiasco

The Siren of Staten Island - - Qwel and Maker

Rollin (Remix) (Feat. Jackie Chain) - - Kid Cudi

Nice and Slow (Usher Cover) - - Stinkmeaner (Boondocks)

Be Stiff - - Santogold & Diplo

Monday, May 10, 2010

Playlist 5/10

Nice and Slow (Usher Cover) -- Stinkmeaner (Boondocks)

Dear Mama -- 2Pac

Hey Mama -- Kanye West

All that i got is you ft. Mary Blige -- Ghostface

Mother Popcorn -- James Brown

Momma Can You Hear Me -- BlackSmith (Talib Kweli)

December 4th -- Jay-Z + DJ Danger Mouse

Mother's Day -- Atmosphere

SpottieOttieDopaliscious -- Outkast

Mama I Want To Fucking Sing -- Danny!

Crusin' In The ATL (Interlude) -- Outkast

Ms. Jackson -- Outkast

So Fresh, So Clean -- Outkast

Land Of A Million Drums -- Outkast

Go! -- Common

Sunshine -- Lupe Fiasco

Killing Me Softly -- The Fugees

Fu-Gee-La -- The Fugees

Da Art of Storytellin' pt.5 -- Bobby Creekwater

Shine f. Marz Lovejoy -- Pac Div

Boyz-N-The Hood (Remix) -- Eazy-E

Front, Back & Side to Side -- UGK

Somethin To Hold On To -- Jay Electronica

Pac Div -- Pac Div

Get Out -- Busta Rhymes (Prod. Nottz)

Blondie Interlude -- Nottz

Coming to America Trilogy -- Nottz

Dangerous MCs -- Notorious B.I.G. ft. Busta Rhymes

Ghetto Musick -- Outkast

Comin From Where I'm From -- Lupe Fiasco

Monday, May 3, 2010

Playlist 5/3

Song Title: --Artist:

"I Love NWA (skit)" --Method Man And Redman


"Raise It Up" --Slum Village (Jay Dee)

"Put Me On" --B.o.B

"Bonita Applebum" --A Tribe Called Quest

"Can it All Be So Simple" -- El Michels Affair

"Closer" --Dj Jazzy Jeff ft. Phil Nash

"Crusin' In The ATL" --Outkast

"Da Art of Storytellin'" --Outkast

"Shutterbug" --Big Boi

"Beef Rapp" --MF Doom

"Vervain" --MF Doom

"Julia (remix)" --Theophilus London

"Sorry To Interrupt" --Theophilus London

"Pre-Nump" --Outkast

"Be By Myself" --Asher Roth f. Cee-Lo

"Toni Braxton" --Asher Roth

"See That Boy Fly" --J Dilla, illa J

"Act II" --T.I.

"Supervillainz" --MF Doom

"BossCo.2" --Blu

"Syrup Sandwich" --Donwill, Von Pea and Jermiside

"Sloppy Joe, Pt. 2" --Danny!

"So Good to Me" --MF Borat

"Swagger Jackson's Revenge" --Jay Electronica

"Bullsh*ttin'" --Big Sean

"Gimme the Loot" --Notorious B.I.G.

"Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 2)" --Outkast

"God in the Building" --Killer Mike

"Roses" --Kanye West

"What It's Hitting Like" --Frank Ramz

"Duck Soup" --Danny!

"Ash & Dem" --Asher Roth

"Con-fid-ence" --Asher Roth

"Gladiators" --B.o.B ft. J.Cole

Monday, April 19, 2010

Playlist 4/19

Jay Dee ---> "The King Swirling"

Big Boi ---> "Shutterbug"

Frank Ramz ---> "150%"

Guilty Simpson ---> "Stress"

Asher Roth ---> "Con-Fid-ence"

Danny! ---> "Sloppy Joe Pt. 1"

OutKast ---> "Chonkyfire"

Black Star ---> "Brown Skin Lady"

Wale ---> "Break Up Song"

Danny! ---> "Sloppy Joe Pt. 2"

Mos Def (Dub) ---> " Ms. Fat Booty"

Boogie Monsters ---> "Honeydips In Gotham"

Kanye West ---> "Young Folks"

Kid Cudi ---> "Whenever"

Kanye West ---> "Roses"

Black Sunn ---> "Wasting Time"

Poor Righteous Teachers ---> "Shakiyla"

Frank Ramz ---> "Truth Serum"

Mos Def ---> "What is Beef"

Killer Mike ---> "God in The Building"

J Dilla ---> "Safety Dance"

Outkast ---> "Spread"

B.o.B. ---> "Gladiators" ft. J. Cole

Bone Thugs - N- Harmony ---> "Mo' Murda"

Raekwon ---> "Jolly Ranchers"

Dj Jazzy Jeff ---> "Scram"

Outkast ---> "Players Ball"

Kid Cudi ---> "Rollin" (remix) ft. Jackie Chain

Atmosphere ---> "Millie Fell Off the Fire Escape"

Curren$y ---> "Fly Monsterz"

Frank Ramz ---> "Quick Strike"

Qwel and Maker ---> "Road Atlas"

Asher Roth ---> "Toni Braxton"

K'NAAN ---> "Ololufe Mi"

J. Cole ---> "We On"

Crooklyn Dodgers ---> "Crooklyn"

The Roots ---> "Donuts Outro"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rhythm and Vibes/ Theoretical Abstract (4 hour set list)

Yall wanted it so here it is....

MF DOOM --> " Emblica Officinalis"

Narcicyst --> "Test the Lah"

Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco --> " Touch the Sky"

Nas --> "Film"

Big Boi --> "Shutterbug"

Frank Ramz --> "Quick Strick"

J Dilla  --> "Safety Dance"

Common --> "The Light"

Wale --> "The Breakup Song"

2pac--> "Ambitionz Az A Ridah"

GLC --> "Pimp Delimmas"

Snoop Dogg --> "Gangsta Luv" (Mayer Hawthorne G-Mix)

Lupe Fiasco --> "Failure"

Killer Mike --> "God in the Building"

Jay Electronica --> "Swagger Jackson's Revenge"

Lupe Fiasco --> "The Commercial"

Frank Ramz --> "150%"

Ski Beatz --> "Taxi" ft. Mos Def and Whosane

Wu Massacre --> "Meth Vs Chef Pt. 2"

Blackroc --> "Stay off the Fuckin' Flowers" ft. Raekwon

Kid Cudi --> "Whenever"

Asher Roth --> "Toni Braxton" (prod. by RZA)

Asher Roth --> "Ash & Dem" (prod. by J Dilla)

Asher Roth --> " Con-fid-ence" (prod. by Kanye West)

B.o.B. --> "Fuck the Money " ft. Asher Roth

The Black Sunn --> "Early" ft. J. Nolan and 810

Kid Cudi --> "Rollin" ft. Jackie Chain

Chip Tha Ripper --> "Fat Raps" ft. Curren$y and Big Sean

A Tribe Called Quest --> "Award Tour" ft. Truggy

Tanya Morgan --> "Breakadawn"

Mickey Factz --> "The Rush" ft. Smoke DZA

Curren$y --> "Invincible Jets"

Nas --> "You can't stop us now" ft. Eban Thomas

The Roots --> "75 Bars Black's Reconstruction"

Jay Electronica "Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)"

The Roots --> "Donuts Outro"

Q-Tip --> "We Fight, We Love" (Remix) ft. Kanye West and Consequence

Wu Tang Clan --> "NYC Crack"

B.o.B. --> "Middle of the Day"

Francis and the Lights --> "Can't Tell Me Nothing" (kanye west cover)

Sa-Ra --> "Love Czars II" ft. Jay Electronica and Ta'Raach

Reflection Eternal --> "Just Begun" ft. Jay Electronica, J.Cole and Mos Def

Bun B --> "One King"

Blackalicious --> "Deception"

Strong Arm Steady --> "Two Pistols" ft. Madlib

Lupe Fiasco --> "Hurt Me Soul"

Yelawolf --> "Trunk Muzik"

Yelawolf --> "Box Chevy pt. 3"

Danny! --> "Tattered Fedora Flow"

Jay Electronica --> "Exhibit C"

CunninLynnguists --> "Lunguistics"

Outkast --> "Ms. Jackson"

Mick Boogie --> "Oodles of O's(Camp Lo)

Wiz Khalifa --> "Smokerface"

J. Cole --> " Dreams" ft. Brandon Hines

Strange Fruit Project --> "Day By Day" ft. Supastition

Anti Pop Consortium --> "Z. St"

Pharycyde --> "Runnin"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So many little time

I'll make an effort to post current playlist from time to time. Just keep on listening every Sunday 12pm - 2am Monday's. 

Also don't forget to call if you want your request heard 404-413-WRAS(9727) or just leave a comment here