Monday, April 19, 2010

Playlist 4/19

Jay Dee ---> "The King Swirling"

Big Boi ---> "Shutterbug"

Frank Ramz ---> "150%"

Guilty Simpson ---> "Stress"

Asher Roth ---> "Con-Fid-ence"

Danny! ---> "Sloppy Joe Pt. 1"

OutKast ---> "Chonkyfire"

Black Star ---> "Brown Skin Lady"

Wale ---> "Break Up Song"

Danny! ---> "Sloppy Joe Pt. 2"

Mos Def (Dub) ---> " Ms. Fat Booty"

Boogie Monsters ---> "Honeydips In Gotham"

Kanye West ---> "Young Folks"

Kid Cudi ---> "Whenever"

Kanye West ---> "Roses"

Black Sunn ---> "Wasting Time"

Poor Righteous Teachers ---> "Shakiyla"

Frank Ramz ---> "Truth Serum"

Mos Def ---> "What is Beef"

Killer Mike ---> "God in The Building"

J Dilla ---> "Safety Dance"

Outkast ---> "Spread"

B.o.B. ---> "Gladiators" ft. J. Cole

Bone Thugs - N- Harmony ---> "Mo' Murda"

Raekwon ---> "Jolly Ranchers"

Dj Jazzy Jeff ---> "Scram"

Outkast ---> "Players Ball"

Kid Cudi ---> "Rollin" (remix) ft. Jackie Chain

Atmosphere ---> "Millie Fell Off the Fire Escape"

Curren$y ---> "Fly Monsterz"

Frank Ramz ---> "Quick Strike"

Qwel and Maker ---> "Road Atlas"

Asher Roth ---> "Toni Braxton"

K'NAAN ---> "Ololufe Mi"

J. Cole ---> "We On"

Crooklyn Dodgers ---> "Crooklyn"

The Roots ---> "Donuts Outro"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rhythm and Vibes/ Theoretical Abstract (4 hour set list)

Yall wanted it so here it is....

MF DOOM --> " Emblica Officinalis"

Narcicyst --> "Test the Lah"

Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco --> " Touch the Sky"

Nas --> "Film"

Big Boi --> "Shutterbug"

Frank Ramz --> "Quick Strick"

J Dilla  --> "Safety Dance"

Common --> "The Light"

Wale --> "The Breakup Song"

2pac--> "Ambitionz Az A Ridah"

GLC --> "Pimp Delimmas"

Snoop Dogg --> "Gangsta Luv" (Mayer Hawthorne G-Mix)

Lupe Fiasco --> "Failure"

Killer Mike --> "God in the Building"

Jay Electronica --> "Swagger Jackson's Revenge"

Lupe Fiasco --> "The Commercial"

Frank Ramz --> "150%"

Ski Beatz --> "Taxi" ft. Mos Def and Whosane

Wu Massacre --> "Meth Vs Chef Pt. 2"

Blackroc --> "Stay off the Fuckin' Flowers" ft. Raekwon

Kid Cudi --> "Whenever"

Asher Roth --> "Toni Braxton" (prod. by RZA)

Asher Roth --> "Ash & Dem" (prod. by J Dilla)

Asher Roth --> " Con-fid-ence" (prod. by Kanye West)

B.o.B. --> "Fuck the Money " ft. Asher Roth

The Black Sunn --> "Early" ft. J. Nolan and 810

Kid Cudi --> "Rollin" ft. Jackie Chain

Chip Tha Ripper --> "Fat Raps" ft. Curren$y and Big Sean

A Tribe Called Quest --> "Award Tour" ft. Truggy

Tanya Morgan --> "Breakadawn"

Mickey Factz --> "The Rush" ft. Smoke DZA

Curren$y --> "Invincible Jets"

Nas --> "You can't stop us now" ft. Eban Thomas

The Roots --> "75 Bars Black's Reconstruction"

Jay Electronica "Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)"

The Roots --> "Donuts Outro"

Q-Tip --> "We Fight, We Love" (Remix) ft. Kanye West and Consequence

Wu Tang Clan --> "NYC Crack"

B.o.B. --> "Middle of the Day"

Francis and the Lights --> "Can't Tell Me Nothing" (kanye west cover)

Sa-Ra --> "Love Czars II" ft. Jay Electronica and Ta'Raach

Reflection Eternal --> "Just Begun" ft. Jay Electronica, J.Cole and Mos Def

Bun B --> "One King"

Blackalicious --> "Deception"

Strong Arm Steady --> "Two Pistols" ft. Madlib

Lupe Fiasco --> "Hurt Me Soul"

Yelawolf --> "Trunk Muzik"

Yelawolf --> "Box Chevy pt. 3"

Danny! --> "Tattered Fedora Flow"

Jay Electronica --> "Exhibit C"

CunninLynnguists --> "Lunguistics"

Outkast --> "Ms. Jackson"

Mick Boogie --> "Oodles of O's(Camp Lo)

Wiz Khalifa --> "Smokerface"

J. Cole --> " Dreams" ft. Brandon Hines

Strange Fruit Project --> "Day By Day" ft. Supastition

Anti Pop Consortium --> "Z. St"

Pharycyde --> "Runnin"